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» "Dr. Rob and I are cut from the same cloth, no nonsense and telling it like it is. Here’s to getting older but feeling better!"
John McEnroe, tennis champion

» "This is a revolutionary book. It’s up there with the great self-help books. I highly recommend it!"
Liam Neeson, actor

Featured in the book

Your body: Muscle, bones, and joints. How things work and how they break down.

Resilience: An explanation of important components of mind-body, nutrition and a general fitness program.

Trouble Shooting the Hot-Spots: Focusing on self-treatment, stretching, strengthening and common problems for each body part.

Also featuring over 100 pictures, diagrams and drawings.

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Foreword by Michael Strahan. Click here to read!

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All of Dr. DeStefano's patients, including professional athletes and celebrities
like, Liam Neeson, John McEnroe, Elizabeth Hasselback, Christy Kerr, Natalie Gulbis have
all benefited from and recommend this book and program.